Salute! My name is James. I do my best developing video games and playing guitar.

High quality real-time 2D and 3D asset creation and animation.
Real-time 3D game-engine oriented character creation and animation.
Custom music and sound effects.
Game Asset Creation

I've created a wide variety of objects, props, weapons, environments and buildings for different styles and tailored to specific game engines. I can work autonomously and under supervision of an art director.

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Characters & Animation

I have developed a fine sense for timing, weight and expressive poses to bring characters to life on screen.

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I've composed all music and sound effects for my own games and enjoy playing live music. I can offer Acoustic and electric guitar loops and recordings as well as fully synthesized sound textures, atmospheres and driving electronic tunes.

For sound effects I use recorded real-life samples and/or synthesizers. Then I use different audio modeling tools to make final adjustments.

SFX Samples



  • Solo developed ENYO Arcade and released it on Steam in 2015.
  • Solo developing Temple of Rust (released in Early Access on Steam 2018).
  • Freelance Work: What may I do for you?


  • Freelance work for Jo-Mei GmbH in Berlin
  • Freelance work for multiple startup companies.
  • Employed as full time 3d Artist at Travian Games GmbH working on an unreleased browser game.
  • Employed as solo Artist at Wailua Games GmbH in Munich working on 2 unreleased browser game prototypes.


  • Employed as 3D-art fire fighter and character animator at Studio2 GmbH (Subdivision of Ascaron GmbH) working full time on Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. Awarded with German Developers Award 2009 Best Action Game.


  • Freelance work for clothing & urban fashion stores in Munich (Dirty Jerz, Ecko Unimited, Zoo-York).
  • Freelance work for "Grotesque - Heroes Haunted" (later released as "Grotesque Tactics").

1999 - 2003:

  • Modding for UnrealED and Quake 3 Arena.
  • Completed multiple "Employment Test Assignments" for numerous German game development companies to polish my skill-sets.
  • Beta tester at Lionhead Studios (UK) technical testing of Black&White.
  • Digitization of Bavarian cultural assets like "Schloss Neuschwanstein" as freelance artist. Project awarded with "Animago Award 2004" 1st Place Interactive & Real-time.
My Personal Game Projects